GTA 6 map location – Vice city

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

GTA 6 once again will bring us back to the legendary Vice City. The new Grand Theft Auto installment will offer much improved map with various enhanced graphics compared to the old one way back at 2002.

Vice Beach

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

While it’s not yet confirmed by Rock star but it’s almost clear that the beach in the game is Vice Beach that was in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. As the scenery is very similar to the old game obviously besides the graphic update and much more details with all the pedestrians, buildings and such.

Ocean Drive

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

If we talk about GTA Vice City it’s one of the most iconic place is the Ocean drive. All buildings in the area especially the Ocean View Hotel makes the nightlife as fun as it can be. The trailer of the game gave us some sneak peak to the upcoming night life with all the clubs, hotels, and casinos and don’t forget the scene with the iconic Cheetah car.

Island Bridge

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

And finally let’s talk about the Island Bridge. This bridge connects the Vice City with the island. In the original game after some time playing you unlock it and can be free to explore more GTA map. It is believed that something similar will be the case as well.

GTA 6 Vice City map is also quite different from the original one

It is comparatively huge

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

The original map was not small but compared with the upcoming release it’s obvious that the new map will be much more expanded with more terrains, beach and even a swamp. We expect great things here and plenty of time to spend exploring every corner of it.

More NPC presence

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

As in the original game NPC movements where kinda limited. Quite some time has passed and now you will get much more NPC action in the map moving aroung in groups and doing various daily life things. This makes the game much closer to the real life.

This is it for this time. As we wait for more news or trailers with more insight. GTA 6 plans to launch sometime at 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Currently we don’t have a date for PC users but that can probably take good 1-2 years more.

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