What’s the first thing you will do in GTA 6?

What's the first thing you will do in GTA6

As there is still a long road ahead of GTA 6 realease for consoles we ask our readers what will you do first once you fire up the long anticipated Grand theft auto 6? Give us a comment or few if it will be some kind of exploring or visiting a specific spot or stealing a car or trying to find the first available mission or maybe even visiting a strip club because why not. GTA 6 will have much to offer us and we can’t wait until we can load the game.

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1 thought on “What’s the first thing you will do in GTA 6?

  1. dont have the new consel will never buy one cause they cant mod on iam a nice player give money drops to players at least in gta5 gta6 you may not able to do that but will be a few yrs before it comes out for pc since shark cards are you expensive will when gta 6 comes out will check out the map with AI i have to watch out since npc will report you to police should be lots better then 5 but will go back to since AI can be used off line make the police will chase you what iam looking at with 6 from army 20 vet retired former police reserves with n mankato mn

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