Why GTA VI Will Be Worth The Wait

Why GTA VI Will Be Worth The Wait

There are 5 reasons to wait for GTA 6 to come.

1 Innovation
Each new GTA instalement brought new innovations to the game industry. The last example GTA 5 introduced 3 players and the possibility to switch them during the game. With the GTA 6 budget being 2 billion dollars it’s safe to say that something special is coming that most likely introduction revolution to the game industry as before.

2 Compelling Storytelling
With the last Rockstars game RED 2 the story of the game is probably one of the best that is in the game industry. As the GTA 6 is based on the Bonnie and Clyde story it will be interested what Rockstars will come here with the whole story of the two protagonists.

3 Improved Graphics And Models
We are looking for a massive graphics improvement compared with the GTA 5 and RED 2 as already seen in the first official trailer.

4- A More Polished Vice City
From the first video trailer we already saw that the Vice city is much more in detail then ever before. As well it’s worth to mention ton of new improved physics in the game and a lot more. With all the new technologies with the new game Rage engine the game will have so much details it will be day and night difference compared to the Vice city.

5- A Well Polished And Bug Free Experience
We all know that once the new Rockstar game launched it’s always bug free from the first day. Sadly these days most of the games come with ton of bugs at day 1. One good example is Cyberpunk and how long it took after the release to update the game to a full and working one.

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