Evolution of GTA police cars

Evolution of GTA police cars

In this picture we take a look how the past 3 of 4 GTA series have evolved in car design graphics. In 2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was launched and we can see the car itself is quite bulky. Over the years we have reached Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 and after almost a decade the car looks quite detailed and great if you ask us. Obviously a lot of improvements have been made in the time. And we reach the point of 2024 of first GTA 6 trailer and sadly we only get a glimpse of the police chase and the picture quality is quite terrible but even from what we have it’s already clear how much more details are increased with curves and other aspects of the esthetics of how the cars will look like.

GTA 6 map location - Vice city

If we look at a screenshot above with regular game cars where the picture quality is better we can expect huge improvement in the cars department. We can’t wait enough for the release. Let us know what you think about the cars and looks and what you expect more from the upcoming series in the comment section.

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