GTA 6 will not be available to Nintendo Switch 2 per experts talks

GTA 6 will not be available to Nintendo Switch 2 per experts talks

People are asking if GTA 6 will be available on Nintendo Switch 2 console? Tech experts say that it seems higly unlikely.

Once we received the first GTA 6 trailer it confirmed a 2025 launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Sadly PC users have no information when it will be available to play on PC. Now Switch 2 users ask what about this console that will be launched in 2024?

At the moment we still are not in known what the upcoming console specs will be but according to Digital Foundry “we’ve got a pretty good idea, this is going to be very very tricky to pull off.”

Also it’s important to note that Rockstar’s are very selective about the games it has ported to the console. 2010’s Red Dead Redemption released on Switch 13 years after launch, for example. L.A. Noire hit Switch in 2017, six years after it first came out.

“I’d love to say it would happen. I don’t think it will, realistically,” he continued. “It’s a mobile chipset. We’ve seen a lot of amazing things on the Switch 1. Switch 2 is going to be a lot better, a proper generational leap, and forward-looking in many ways. But the stuff they seem to be rolling out for GTA 6 is possibly beyond that.”

GTA 6 is also expected to put extreme pressure on CPUs with its huge open-world and complex systems. The GTA 6 trailer showed off highly detailed locations packed with unique NPCs, and Mackenzie visibly winces at the thought of what players might do in Rockstar’s virtual playground. “The level of simulation is quite something else,” he said. “I don’t think the Switch 2 is going to be capable of that.”

Perhaps GTA 6 skipping Switch 2 wouldn’t come as a huge surprise. As Mackenzie notes, Rockstar has so far resisted the temptation to launch the decade-old GTA 5 on the Switch 1, despite the gargantuan amount of cash it’s leaving on the table, so why would it launch GTA 6 on the Switch 2? “If they didn’t ship GTA 5 on Switch 1, why GTA 6 on Switch 2, which is a device that’s going to struggle I think a lot more relative to its capabilities there,” he said.

“It seems a step beyond,” Leadbetter concludes, “and out of character with what we know about Rockstar’s M.O.”

Nintendo is reportedly set to release its next-generation console during the second half of 2024, with development kits already with partner studios.

The console can reportedly be used in portable mode, like the Nintendo Switch, and has an LCD screen as opposed to an OLED screen in order to keep costs down. It also reportedly comes with a cartridge slot for physical games.

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