GTA VI: Will Lucia Actually CHEAT On Jason?

GTA VI: Will Lucia Actually CHEAT On Jason?

Let’s dig into some fan theories about the Jason and Lucia.

Theory That Lucia Is The ‘Dominant’ One In The Relationship
There are some evidence that Lucia in GTA 6 will be the dominant character of the couple as an example she is the first to charge in the store robbery kicking the door or being on top in the bed. More in the video above.

Does Lucia Get Caught Up In The Money & Fame Leading Her To Cheat?
Another point in the game is that Lucia while getting a lot of money starts to spend it on her looks, expensive clothes and use Jason for all that and that could lead her to cheat on her lover as well with all the fame and money spinning the head.

Will Jason Cheat On Lucia? – Theory
Another theory is from RED 2 “high/low honor” that in the game there will be options to cheat on Lucia or to be more loyal to her as not cheating. But if you decide not to be loyal this could lead to a change of the dynamic of the relationship. And this could lead to not linear approach of the game based on your player choices.

Will We As ‘The Player’ Have The Option To Date Other People?
We as a player with the GTA 4 had options to go to dates or online dating sites. As this is modern day Vice city with all the social things that will be in the game as already seen from the first video trailer it could be very plausible that there will be options to go on dates for both characters.

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