GTA 6 possible map revealed by fans?

GTA 6 possible map revealed by fans?

Redditor InevitableLibrary387 is pointing that there is a hidden GTA 6 map inside the official art released by Rockstar in our highly anticipated game. The map is shown in the X posts below. Game fans do believe that the blurry image shows a general outline of Leonida. This could be a cluster of islands or a portion of Leonida. If you look very carefully you can see few cities in the outline that only gives more talks about possible multiple cities — something rumoured for the game for quite some time.

Now the fun really begins. X/Twitter user @NikTekOfficial went full CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and used colour correction to make this map more visible, and provided a comparison with it and an ongoing community-driven mapping project built from the GTA 6 leak of 2022.

Tell us what do you think, is this a possible real GTA 6 map or not?

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