GTA 6 Trailer Reimagined With GTA 5 Protagonists

GTA 6 Trailer Reimagined With GTA 5 Protagonists

We’ve already seen a bunch of fan-made trailer recreations and parodies of the first GTA 6 trailer, and more recently, one fan has recreated it with the three iconic protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are all featured in this fan-made GTA 6 trailer from YouTuber Jantsuu, and it’s hilarious to see their goofy personalities take over the stunning environments of Leonida that the announcement trailer beautifully showcased. Watch the fan-made trailer from Jantsuu’s YouTube channel below:

The fan-made trailer shows the GTA 5 trio replace Lucia , Jason, and the familiar faces of Vice City. We see Michael replaces the character inspired by The Florida Joker, urinate on cars, and launch people off rooftops, before a plane is seen being blasted off the sky. We also see him run from the police and end up in jail.

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