GTA 6 nature textures expectation

GTA 6 nature comparision with Red Dead Redemption 2

When we talk about video games and textures and nature we can’t forget how amazing Red Dead Redemption 2. With all the details and how live it is in the world. Here we have a comparison picture of the two great Rockstars games GTA 5 and RDD 2. While the nature looks okay in GTA 5 of course let’s keep a note that it’s already 11 years old, Red Dead Redemption 2 looks just stunning even thought it’s also a bit old game of 6 years.

GTA 6 nature textures expectation

Above we have a shot from the released trailer and we already have some sort of glimpse just how the nature graphics have improved and how detailed and stunning it looks. If you ask me I would say that this is a real life photo.

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