GTA 6 predictions about map being locked

GTA 6 predictions about map being locked

As we still count unknown amount of days until release of the all awaited GTA 6, people around the world are trying to predict various features of the game. There are many discussions how the map will be. One topic is highly popular on the fans at the moment or the map will be fully unlocked or locked and will unlock as you progress the game.

GTA 6 predictions about map being locked

In previous games like GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas, you’ve only been able to access some areas of the map once certain milestone have been reached – and Lucia’s ankle monitor has lead people to believe there might be similar restrictions in GTA 6.

Someone shared their ideas on a Reddit thread and questioned if you’ll have to unlock parts of the map.

They questioned: “Am I the only one who wants GTA 6 to bring back other parts of the map being locked until you progress through the story to unlock them?”

And one person has since suggested that it would ‘make sense’ to do so.

“Good theory. It would make more sense instead of huge road blocks for no reason as well,” they penned.

Another added: “It might be possible again with Lucia’s ankle monitor.”

While some might find having to unlock parts of the map frustrating, others like the feature.

One fan wrote: “I know this might sound counterintuitive, but personally I would love for this to return.

“My fondest memories in Vice City and San Andreas were completing the storyline so I could unlock new islands and find new vehicles. Despite the apparent restriction, once unlocked, the larger maps offered a sense of freedom and game progression like no other.

“This feature, to me, helped to define the identity of the classic GTA games.”

Another gamer added: “I’d prefer certain regions be locked because I’m gonna be really tempted to explore everything and that will keep me away from the main story, I’d rather experience everything the map has to offer when it’s introduced to me through the story.”

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