Grand Test Auto XXIV | Hyundai Rally Team hilariously recreated GTA 6 Trailer

Grand Test Auto XXIV | Hyundai Rally Team hilariously recreated GTA 6 Trailer

The Hyundai Motorsport team shares a hilarious recreation of Grand Theft Auto 6’s iconic trailer, and fans are impressed by the attention to detail.

Hyundai Motorsport posted a recreation of the iconic Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, complete with reenactments of fan-favorite scenes. For a racing and rallying car organization, there seems to be no better fit than the driving shenanigans and legendary cars of the Grand Theft Auto games, and its video feels like content ripped straight from the games themselves.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer left the world in awe upon its release. This upcoming installment has had fans waiting for a decade, and thus its first look made massive waves, garnering over 90 million views in its first 24 hours and breaking YouTube records. The Hyundai Motorsport team is not the first to ride along on this wave by making copycats of Rockstar’s iconic advertising, but its trailer recreation has caught the attention of fans, who are now praising the attention to detail.

Hyundai Motorsport’s version of the iconic Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was uploaded to YouTube and titled “Grand Test Auto XXIV,” nodding to the 2024 racing season. Complete with Tom Petty’s “Love Is a Long Road,” Hyundai’s video matches Rockstar’s with its own footage of their team, wild racing moments, and stunning scenery. The racing team even recreated several of the trailer’s most iconic shots, such as Lucia’s initial face reveal, the woman wielding hammers, and the Leonida man watering his yard. To top off the hilarious reenactment, two racers embody the ending pose of the two protagonists while holding drills.

While Hyundai’s recreation of the trailer stands out for its hilarious performances like that of driver Ott Tänak as Lucia, it is not the first company to play with Rockstar’s marketing. When Rockstar posted its initial colorful announcement of the trailer on social media, several other studios came forward parodying the post to announce their own news. Overwatch, Halo, Call of Duty, Sea of Thieves, and even Walmart jumped on the trend set by Rockstar. The marketing also received several fanmade recreations, with one fan even recreating the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer using LEGO bricks.

These recreations by fans and fellow studios speak to the massive influence that Rockstar has on the gaming community. If even a simple social media post from Rockstar breaks social media records and sparks endless theories, the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 in 2025 will likely dominate the internet and the gaming world.

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